2017 March 22

Food Eaten in Twin Peaks

This page records the food and drink consumed or mentioned in the Twin Peaks television series, labeled by location: "GNL" for Great Northern Lodge, "DRD" for Double-R Diner, and "PS" for police station, "Packard" for the Packard house, etc.


Episode 0: coffee (Packard), coffee, breakfast (GNL), coffee (DRD), knackwurst (mentioned), coffee (Gas Farm), cherry pie (mentioned), cherry pie (mentioned), asparagus, chocolate bunnies (mentioned), cake (woods), coffee (GNL), cake (woods), coffee, rolls, butter (GNL), Girl Scout cookies (bank), beer (Johnson), beer (Hayward), beer (Roadhouse), doughnut (police car), doughnuts, coffee (PS)

Season One

Episode 1: eggs over hard, bacon, coffee, grapefruit juice (GNL), doughnuts, coffee (PS), coffee (Packard), white wine (Timber Falls motel), meatloaf (Briggs), cherry pie, coffee (DRD), roast beef, fruit punch (Hayward)

Episode 2: red wine, baguette with brie and butter (GNL), huckleberry pie (Hayward), double scotch on the rocks (One-Eyed Jack's), coffee, doughnuts (woods), coffee, pie (DRD)

Episode 3: coffee, pancakes, slice of ham (GNL), coffee (DRD), coffee, huckleberry pie, ice cream (DRD), beer in bottles (GNL)

Episode 4: coffee or tea (Palmer), coffee (PS), white wine (Timber Falls motel), coffee (PS), turkey sandwich with mayonnaise (Packard)

Episode 5: coffee (GNL), leg of lamb with garlic and fresh mint (mentioned), doughnuts, coffee (Jacque's apartment), cherry Coke, coffee (DRD), tea, sugar cookies (Log Lady's cabin), champagne (GNL), coffee (DRD)

Episode 6: malts, fries (mentioned), grapes (PS), bonbons (Hurley), coffee (GNL), doughnuts (PS), pecan ice cream, beer in bottles (GNL), maraschino cherries (One-Eyed Jack's)

Episode 7: beer, cocktails (One-Eyed Jack's), coffee (stakeout), bottled water (Hurley)

Season Two

Episode 8: warm milk (GNL), coffee (Palmer), Coke, coffee (DRD), coffee (hospital), huckleberry pie, coffee (DRD), doughnuts, coffee (PS)

Episode 9: pancakes, sausage, bacon, grapefruit, doughnuts, juice, coffee (GNL), chicken, rice, creamed corn (Tremond), smoked cheese pig (GNL), coffee (DRD), English caramel (One-Eyed Jack's), coffee, doughnuts (PS)

Episode 10: lemonade, saltines, apple butter (mentioned), meat, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, salad (DRD), English caramel (One-Eyed Jack's), coffee, doughnuts (PS)

Episode 11: coffee, doughnuts (PS), peanuts (Roadhouse)

Episode 12: coffee, doughnuts (PS), Black Yukon suckerpunches (Roadhouse), coffee (DRD), red wine (Smith)

Episode 13: coffee (PS), wine (GNL), whiskey, birthday cake (Johnson), cold milk (GNL)

Episode 14: coffee, doughnuts (PS), coffee (Palmer), coffee, chocolate milkshake (DRD), coffee, doughnuts (PS), peanuts, beer (Roadhouse)

Episode 15: salmon, ribs (GNL), cherry pie, milk (GNL)

Episode 16: coffee, omelet, pie (DRD), milk (GNL), lemonade (Palmer), peanuts, gum (Roadhouse), coffee (woods)

Episode 17: innumerable wake foods (Palmer), doughnuts (PS), marshmallows (woods)

Episode 18: beer (Wally's), coffee (PS), coffee, pie, malted (DRD), wedding cake, beer (GNL)

Episode 19: doughnuts (PS), coffee (PS), champagne (Packard), pie (DRD), milk (PS), fried chicken (DRD)

Episode 20: doughnuts, coffee (PS), coffee (DRD), champagne (Marsh)

Episode 21: coffee (PS), coffee, potatoes, pie (DRD), venison steaks, sparkling wine (mentioned), coffee (PS), coffee, martini, olive (Wally's), water (PS), coffee (PS)

Episode 22: martini (Wally's), pie, coffee, soda (DRD), red wine, pig's head (Packard)

Episode 23: coffee (PS), eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice (Packard), celery, whiskey (GNL), champagne (Packard)

Episode 24: Jack Daniel's, eggs, hash browns, bacon (Book House), pie, coffee (DRD), coffee (PS), Jack Daniel's (Book House), apple (woods), soda (Hayward), coffee, hamburger, fries (DRD), milk, cookies, champagne (GNL)

Episode 25: orange juice (GNL), tomato juice, oysters, sweetbreads, chestnuts, Canadian bacon, biscuits, gravy, anchovies (mentioned), sausage (mentioned), raw meat, egg, anchovies, tobasco, worcestershire (mentioned), steak (mentioned), pie, coffee (DRD), chicken pot pie, milk (mentioned), turkey sandwich (mentioned), carrot (GNL), rum and tonic (GNL)

Episode 26: coffee, crullers, doughnuts (DRD), coffee (PS), carrot (GNL), beer (Earle cabin), water (Roadhouse), coffee (Packard), red and green grapes, red wine (GNL), milk, tiny beer? (GNL), peas (Hayward)

Episode 27: coffee (PS), pie (DRD), coffee (DRD)

Episode 28: pie (DRD), coffee (PS), coffee (Packard), wine, beer (Roadhouse)

Episode 29: coffee, plate special, pie (mentioned), water (Twin Peaks Savings and Loan), coffee, soda (DRD), coffee (red room)

Fire Walk With Me

Episode 30: coffee (Cole office), coffee (mentioned), coffee (Hap's), coffee (Fat Trout), creamed corn (above a convenience store), liquor (Palmer), liquor, beer (Roadhouse), beer (Canadian bar), liquor in brown paper bag (woods), milk (Palmer), cereal, toast, milk, coffee (Palmer), liquor in tiny bottle (Palmer), beer (cabin), creamed corn (somewhere)


New episodes are planned for Showtime in 2017.