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Bopagopa uses OpenGL for graphics, the Python Imaging Library for textures, and the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) for dynamical simulation. Therefore it requires Python (2.5.x, 2.6.x, or 2.7.x; not 3.x), NumPy, PyOpenGL, PyODE, and PIL. Before installing PyODE, one must install ODE. Before installing PIL, one probably wants to install libjpeg and FontTools, and maybe FreeType.

After all of the dependencies are installed, run the test.py program in the bopagopa directory. If it fails, then the error messages should help you determine which dependencies are missing. If it succeeds, then it will have compiled all of Bopagopa and Bopagopa Jr. (Compiled Python files are platform-independent but Python version-dependent.) You can then move the bopagopa directory anywhere on your Python path. On my Mac OS X machine with Python 2.6, I like to put it in /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages, so that the directories look like

Python programs, including the tutorial and demo programs, can then load Bopagopa or Bopagopa Jr. from anywhere, by doing import bopagopa.bopagopa or import bopagopa.bopagopajr. See the tutorials for examples.