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Exam 2 Review

I might be adding more stuff to this page up until the exam, so you might want to check back occasionally.

The exam is cumulative, and the same rules apply as last time, so you should read the previous review sheet again. Although old topics can show up on this test, it will be focused more on what we have learned since the previous exam:

As before, the test will be a mixture of three types of problems: Pages 225-226 have a big list of trig identities. Memorize the ones you need, and figure out how to quickly derive the other ones from the ones you've memorized.

As always, the best way to study is to do lots of problems. (Chapter 8 has a lot...) Do as many as you can. Make up your own problems. Try to make up story problems that use some of the formulae we've learned. Try out your problems on your classmates. Ask me for help at the review session.