2009 March 29 / |j|d|a|v|i|s|@|c|a|r|l|e|t|o|n|.|e|d|u

Introductory Assignment

Carleton College CS 254, Spring 2009, Prof. Joshua R. Davis

This assignment is due tonight 11:59PM. Your job is to read the syllabus (i.e. course web page) and send me an e-mail with "CS 254" in the subject line and the following items in the body.

  1. name
  2. home town/country
  3. probable graduation year
  4. possible major(s)
  5. Why are you taking this course?
  6. Do you know Python? Scheme? When faced with a programming assignment, what other languages would you consider working in? In other words, which languages do you know fairly well?
  7. How much experience do you have with regular expressions?
  8. I always enjoy hearing about my students' extracurricular computer experience. For example, do you have a web site or blog? Do you play games? Do you program for fun? Do you tinker with hardware? What else?
  9. How much math have you studied?
  10. Overall, is our civilization better or worse off for having advanced technology such as electronic computers? Please limit your response to 200 words.
  11. Have you read the syllabus? In particular, what special task are you required to perform during the first two weeks of the course?
  12. I'm trying to set office hours that make sense for my students. List ALL of the following slots that DO NOT conflict with your other courses. For example, your response might be "4, 5, 7, 8, 9" if you have those slots free.
    1. Mon 1:50-2:50 (5A)
    2. Wed 1:50-2:50
    3. Fri 1:50-2:50
    4. Mon 3:10-4:10 (6A)
    5. Wed 3:10-4:10
    6. Tue 1:50-2:50
    7. Thu 11:00-12:00
    8. Thu 1:00-2:00
    9. Thu 2:00-3:00