2010 January 6 / j d a v i s @ c a r l e t o n . e d u

Assignment 2: Drawing with cTurtle

The purpose of this assignment is to practice writing Python programs. You are expected to complete the assignment with one partner. It must be handed in electronically by the start of class on Friday.

Today in class, you and your partner each received a slip of paper bearing the name of animal. You may choose either of these animals for what follows. You and your partner will write a single Python program together, in a file animal.py. The program uses the cTurtle module to produce a single image with these components:

Use the raw_input() trick from Getting Started with Python to keep your window open, so that the user of your program has a chance to inspect your artwork. I strongly recommend that you sketch your animal and text on a piece of paper, and figure out how long each line in your drawing will be, before you try to program it all.

Your work will be graded according to the following criteria. Warning: If you are doing your homework on your own computer, then you must make sure that your program works on the lab machines. It will be graded on the lab machines.

You might want to go back to Getting Started with Python to review what "well-commented" means. In particular, don't forget to include both authors' names at the top of the program.

Here is how you submit your work electronically on a Mac. Warning: You cannot alter your work, once you've submitted it.