2010 February 20 / j d a v i s @ c a r l e t o n . e d u

Exam 2

This exam begins for you as soon as you click on the link below. The exam ends at 11:59 PM on Wednesday 2010 February 24. Between those two times, you may work on it as much as you like. I recommend that you get started early and work often. You may not use your late pass on the exam. The exam is open-book and open-note, which means, precisely:

During the exam you may ask me clarifying questions. If you believe that a question is stated incorrectly or ambiguously, then you should certainly ask for clarification.

Your answers should be thorough and polished. Always show enough work or write enough comments that a classmate could follow your logic. If you cannot answer a question, then submit a brief summary of the approaches you've tried. Partial credit is often awarded. When there are multiple solutions to a problem, it is understood that simple or efficient solutions may earn more credit than complicated or inefficient ones. Exam grades are loosely curved — by this I do not mean that there are predetermined numbers of As, Bs, etc. to be awarded, but rather that there are no predetermined scores required for grades A, B, etc.

Good luck!

I have read the rules of the exam, I understand them, and I want to begin the exam now.