2018 September 7,

CS 254: Day 01

Carleton College, Joshua R. Davis

Due at 11:59 PM on Day 01

Read the syllabus (the course web page). Send me e-mail, at the address above, with your answers to these questions (in the text of the message — not an attachment):

  1. What would you like to be called in class? (My answer would be "Josh".)
  2. Home town, state, country:
  3. Expected graduation year:
  4. Expected major(s):
  5. According to the syllabus, what special task are you required to perform during the first two weeks of the course?
  6. Do you know Python well enough to complete small assignments in it? Which other languages do you know that well?
  7. Did you find CS 202 (or Math 236) to be easy, moderate, or difficult?
  8. Have you taken CS 251: Programming Languages, CS 252: Algorithms, or CS 322: Natural Language Processing? (If not, that's okay.)
  9. Is there anything else that you want to tell me right now?

Due at the start of class on Day 02

Complete these problems. Write them up carefully, in the order assigned, for handing in.