2018 September 17,

Math 265: Day 04

Carleton College, Joshua R. Davis

A: Suppose that P(A) = P(B) = 0.3 and P(A | B) = 0.5. Find P(A union B).

B: Section 2.11 Exercise 1.

C: Section 2.11 Exercise 3.

D: Section 2.11 Exercise 17.

E: Section 2.11 Exercise 53.

F: A witness to a hit-and-run accident reports that the car at fault was a blue cab. In the city in question, 95% of the cabs are yellow and 5% are blue. A psychologist consulted by the police estimates that eye witnesses can recall the color of cars correctly about 80% of the time. What is the probability that the car at fault was blue?