2018 October 9,

Math 265: Day 13

Carleton College, Joshua R. Davis

The first two problems come from our Poisson tutorial. We sketched the solutions in class, but I want you to write up the solutions fully. I expect you to solve the other tutorial exercises but not hand them in. If you get stuck, then read your textbook; they're all worked out there.

A. Poisson tutorial Exercise 5 (earthquakes).

B. Poisson tutorial Exercise 6 (leukemia).

The other three problems assigned today are also related to the Poisson distribution.

C. Section 4.12 Exercise 26.

D. Section 4.12 Exercise 27.

E. An entrepreneur is considering whether to build a motel in a certain location near a highway. Her research suggests that an average of 35 car-loads of people seek accommodation near that location each day. She assumes that each car-load will occupy one room for one night. How many rooms should the motel have, so that it is full 95% of the nights?