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Math 240, Sections 305-308

Here's the news:

Here is a PDF file containing detailed solutions to some selected homework problems. If you're having trouble understanding what is expected from your homework, reading this can give you an idea. Let me know if you have problems reading it.

I teach four sections; if you can't make it to your official section, then come to another one (but don't make a habit of this).

Here are the homework guidelines: If you find that you're not understanding the material, there are several ways to get help. In roughly the order that you should try them, they are:
  1. Work with other students, and ask questions in discussion.
  2. Visit me in my office (518 Van Vleck) during the official hours: Because the Friday office hour comes just after homework is due, it is not well-attended; this is a great time to talk about older material from the course (or previous courses).
  3. Go to Math Lab. This is a free, drop-in tutoring service, available Monday-Thursday, 3:30-8:30, in Van Vleck B227 (in the basement). There are always a couple of grad students (or advanced undergrads) around to help you. They might not be intimately familiar with everything that we do in 240, but they should be able to help you figure it out anyway.
  4. The Greater University Tutoring Service also offers free tutoring.
  5. Make an appointment with me outside of office hours. To do this, consult my weekly schedule, pick a free time, and e-mail me.
  6. On the second floor of Van Vleck you can pick up a list of private tutors for hire.
I can't think of anything else to write here; let me know if you think of something.